Can the casting of metal be greener? -Yes it can.

Environmental issues play a pivotal role in all of JM-Valu Oy's activities, because clean nature is important to us all. The environmental burden of production should be taken into account during all production phases. We at JM-Valu would like to do our part in caring for the cleanliness of nature by paying special attention to the environmental friendliness of our production operations and we bear our own responsibility for ensuring a cleaner tomorrow for everyone.

By recycling, reusing and utilizing materials, we can save resources. At the same time, we can also reduce our energy consumption and the amount of waste created, as well as their adverse environmental impacts. JM-Valu Oy's operational philosophy is to utilize materials as efficiently as possible without the unnecessarily burdening on nature.

Each of us can, through our own choices, contribute to the wellbeing of the environment.

JM-Valu Oy internally recycles all the metal-chips created during their production.

 Aluminium chips and briquetted chips
Aluminium chips before and after briquetting.

Almost all casted products require machining after the casting phase. Metal chips and shavings created through machining contain a great deal of cutting fluid. The machining chips, as such, cannot be recycled / resmelted, since, during the melting process, the chips react with air and essentially become slag- thus no longer suitable for use as a raw material. - That's why the material loss would be really great. Due to the cutting fluids contained in machined chips, the smelting of untreated chips also pollutes the environment.

Thanks to our own briquetting equipment, the cutting fluids bound to the chips during the machining process can be separated and thus utilized. Cutting fluids are transferred from the briquetting equipment back into the machining tools’ fluid tanks and returned directly back into the production process. The re-smelting of briquetted chips also requires less energy than the smelting of untreated chips. Since we have our own briquetting equipment, we have no need to transport the chips by road for further processing, but the handling of the chips takes place as part of our own production process. Our briquetted chips are immediately returned back to the furnaces for smelting.

 Brass chips and briquetted chips
Brass chips before and after briquetting.

Machinery and products
  • Machinery »

    Since, along with high quality products, a good, fast and smooth service is a cornerstone of our operations, we have sought to strengthen our group by investing in production equipment that are central to our activities.

  • Gas collection cover »

    In addition to our fire couplings, we also manufacture casts in the role of a subcontractor.

  • Soldering aluminium / Brass fange »

    We can utilise our own moulding design and manufacture service to develop new products, sometimes within only a few days.

  • Gost couplings - aluminium and brass »

    Our product range also contains other products, other than domestic standard fire couplings, such as Russian Gost- couplings.

  • Forest fire couplings »

    Top quality fire couplings straight from manufacturer.