Finnish couplings

 The couplings manufactured by JM-Valu are made in Finland.  We place a great deal of pride in the high quality levels of our products, and in the manufacturing of our couplings, we not only pay special attention to the quality levels, but also the safety aspects.  The aluminium we use is also Finnish.

When one purchases couplings manufactured on the other side of the globe, it may not be possible to know how responsibly and how safe the products have been made. By purchasing JM-Valu's manufactured couplings, you can be assured that the products are of high quality and manufactured with precision, whilst also taking care of environmental considerations.

Almost all of our manufactured couplings are designed for use on the pressure side only. The exceptions are the four-inch couplings, fitted with suction / pressure seals.  They are suitable for both the pressure and suction sides.

All JM-Valu couplings are immediately available as stock items.